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The Baddies T-Shirt Business Blueprint

The Baddies T-Shirt Business Blueprint

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The Baddies T-Shirt Business Blueprint isn't just another online course; it's a comprehensive blueprint to financial independence through the lucrative world of t-shirt business. You will gain the expertise to launch and grow your own brand.

Course Highlights:

  • Shopify Mastery: Get exclusive access to Shopify templates and themes, a comprehensive Shopify planner and a curated list of apps to enhance you online store. These tools are designed to streamline your business operations, making it easier for you to focus on sales and growth.
  • Canva Design Tutorial: No design experience? No problem! Our step-by-step Canva tutorials will turn you into  a t-shirt design wizard, allowing you to produce eye-catching graphics without the need of an expensive designer.
  • Start with Minimal Cost: Discover the secrets to launching and scaling your t-shirt brand with little to no upfront cost. This course is packed with strategies for bootstrapping your way to success, ensuring you can start your journey without financial burden.
  • Identifying Your Target Audience: Master the art of connecting with the right customers to ensure your designs hit the mark every time.
  • 20 Trending T-Shirt Niches: Stay ahead of the curve with insider knowledge on the most profitable niches in the market.
  • Ready-to Use Resources: From done for you designs and mock-ups to templates for  your marketing needs, we've got you covered. 
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